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Payment Policy

Napier Funeral Home has established the following uniform payment policy. This payment policy enables us to keep the cost down for all the families we serve, as well as treat everyone fairly:

  • Payment for all goods and services are due at the time arrangements are made.
  • An obituary will not be placed, or service times set until the funeral bill has been satisfied.
  • We do not finance or extend credit. If a long-term payment plan is desired, we are partnered with a third-party lender, or you may use a lender of your choice.
  • A 3% DISCOUNT will be given on the Funeral Home Charges only, to all accounts paid in full via cash, check or money order by the day of the service. This excludes Cash Advance Items and Sales Tax.
  • We accept all major credit cards, but do not apply the 3% discount to accounts paid via credit card.

We accept insurance policy assignments, under the following conditions:

  • The policy must be verified to be in force.
  • The policy must be assignable, and payable to Napier Funeral Home.
  • The policy must be non-contestable (in force for at least 2 years).
  • We do not apply the 3% discount on accounts paid via insurance assignment.
  • Finally, we do not except "future payment" from estates or settlements.

It is our policy to provide first-class service to everyone. We respect the dignity of those we serve, and ask that if you are dealing with limited funds, please do not hesitate to tell us of your circumstances and we will tailor a service to fit your budget. We will never compromise a dignified funeral service as we are able to offer alternatives and options for any situation.

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